This shit is still under construction, so bnice k

About Malvager The most premium IRC netwerk


Fuckin' Bromosexuals Awwwwyis

Who doesn't love a lil' bromance?

Dick Pics >Digerati

People are generally not shy, be prepared to share dick pics

Big Hek l33t as fuq

There are lots of coders on the network, so you could gain a lot of experience or share your own

We Gottem Do you?

We have a huge stack of turds, it's good shit

#hugbox nohomo

Cuz apparently we're a bunch of nancypants who need m0ar hugzz jk yes homo

Harass Dem Opers FUCK YEAH

Harassing opers is always fun, remember someone has to lose tho [[=[=[==[


For any users that wish to connect to Malvager the information is as follows:, port 6667 for plain-text and 6697 for SSL (actually TLS) (sometimes denoted as +6697)

If you wish to have a ZNC set up so you can connect using a secure persistent connection please visit #Help or message any administrator and ask them to set one up for you.

Please make sure to register your nickname by doing: /ns register pass email

If you have any questions and need assistance please report to #Help and ask your question and someone will get back with you as soon as possible.

The main server channel that you should join is #malvager. To view the channels list you can do so by using the command /list.

If you don't want to install a client, please refer to the top menu options IRCCloud Chat, Mibbit Chat and Kiwi IRC Chat